Our team is always delighted to care for your children’s dental health. We’re big believers in helping your kids develop good oral hygiene habits from early childhood. It is best to bring your child for dental check-ups once they have their baby teeth – this creates a familiar and fun environment for them from the beginning rather than bringing them once something is concerning them. These early visits in life set them up for the future without any fear of dentists.

Our gentle team are always calm and caring enabling your child’s dental appointment to be a positive experience, if you have any certain requests that you feel may help your child during their appointment please don’t hesitate to ask any of our team members.

What is the CDBS?

⠀The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is an Australian Government program that provides eligible children access to up to $1013.00 in benefits over two consecutive calendar years, covering most basic general dental services. (but not specialist services like orthodontics or services provided under general anaesthetic)

We can also check your eligibility here at Barwon Heads Dental all we need is your Medicare card details!