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Children's Dental

They say you should never work with kids and dogs...well they weren't talking our team! We love working with kids and the younger we get to know yours, the better. Our resident canine assistant 'Morris Milgate' is not only our most loved member of the team, he plays an important role in helping children get comfortable in our environment and is often the best antidote for little anxieties about a visit to the dentist. 

Barwon Heads Dental



You may be eligible for dental support for your child/ren under the CDBS.

This is an Australian Government program that provides eligible children access to up to $1052.00 in benefits over two consecutive calendar years. It covers most basic general dental services.


Services Covered by CDBS

  • examinations

  • x-rays

  • dental hygiene

  • fissure sealing

  • fillings

  • root canals

  • extractions

  • partial dentures

Services not Covered

  • orthodontic dental work

  • cosmetic dental work

  • any dental services in a hospital

  • any services requiring general anaesthetic

Am I eligible?

Children between the ages of 2 and 17 years old are eligible provided families meet the criteria. We can check your eligibility for you - all we need is your Medicare Card.

Thanks for submitting!

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